Here is the list of car maintenance. Please follow the step by step procedure to maintain your car,

1 Drive with care every day

Being auto considerate should n’t stop after the break- heft. Drive with care every day and your auto will award you with longer intervals without form.

Don’t fight your vehicle during launch- up. This is a quick way to add times of wear and tear to your vehicle, especially if it’s cold outside.
Accelerate sluggishly when you begin your drive. The most wear to the machine and drive train occurs in the first 10 to 20 twinkles of operation.
Warming the machine by letting it idle in the driveway isn’t a smart idea. The machine doesn’t operate at its peak temperature, performing in deficient energy combustion, soot deposits on cylinder walls, oil painting impurity, and eventually damaged factors.
Put lower strain on your machine and automatic transmission by shifting to neutral at red lights. else, the machine is still working to push the auto indeed while it’s stopped.
Avoid driving at high pets and accelerating snappily, especially when it’s veritably hot or veritably cold outside. similar driving gesture will affect in further frequent repairs.
Extend the life of your tires with careful driving. Observe posted speed limits. Avoid presto starts, stops, and turns. Avoid potholes and objects on the road. Do n’t run over checks or hit the tire against the check when parking. And, of course, do n’t burn rubber.
When turning your steering wheel, do n’t hold it in an extreme right or left position for further than a many seconds. Doing so can damage the power- steering pump.
Consolidate your short driving passages. utmost of the wear and tear and gash — as well as the pollution your auto generates — takes place in the first many twinkles of driving. Doing several errands at formerly, during low business hours if possible, will keep your machine happier longer( get your auto ready for downtime with these potentially life- saving tips.)
Keep these particulars in your auto to be insanely more productive.

2 Be patient during the break-in period

You’ve bought your dream auto and now you want to make it last as long as possible in top condition. Then are some effects to flashback as you pull it out of the dealer’s lot

During the break- in period, generally, the first,000 long hauls(,600 km), keep your speed under 55 mph( 88 kpm) or to the speed recommended by your auto’s manufacturer.
Avoid heavy loads on the drive train, similar as towing campers, and loading the roof rack or box with heavy construction accoutrements .
Don’t allow your new auto to goof for long ages — this is good advice for the life of your auto, but especially during break- heft. The oil painting pressure generated by doing so may not be transferring oil painting to every part of your machine.
Use only light to medium acceleration, keeping the machine rpms below,000 for the first many hours.

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3 Buy gas at estimable service stations

Ask whether the gas you buy is filtered at the pump and if the station has a policy about changing the pump pollutants regularly. However, find another gas station, If you get a song and cotillion . Some stations don’t have pump pollutants, making you more vulnerable to dirty gasoline. Other stations may not mix alcohol and energy duly — or worse, water down their product. Find a station you trust and stick to it.

4 Go readily when you ’re wedged

When stuck in slush or snow, do n’t make the problem worse by damaging an precious element. Gently rocking in an attempt to free the auto is fine. But if it looks as though you ’re really wedged, do n’t keep at it. Throwing your auto from forward to rear constantly, as well as spinning tires at high pets, can induce lots of heat and spell trouble for transmissions, clutches, and differentials. It may be cheaper in the long run to call the hitch truck rather than risk big form bills down the road. It’s a good idea to carry a traction aid in the box, similar as beach, clay, or cat waste.

Guard, your auto won’t survive downtime without these fixes.

5 Don’t fill up if you see the tanker

Still, come back another day or go to a different station, If you be to see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your original gas station. As the station’s underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up deposition. deposition in your gas can clog energy pollutants and energy injectors, causing poor performance and conceivably challenging repairs.

6 Lighten up your keychain

Does your auto crucial share a chain with a dozen or further other keys? That’s a suitable heavy cargo hanging off the auto key when it’s in the ignition. The weight, combined with bouncing while you drive, can wear out the trapezists inside the ignition and ultimately lead to ignition switch failure .To add times of service to your ignition switch, buy a featherlight keychain that allows you to separate your ignition key from the others. Drive with only the ignition key in your ignition. However, it’s a warning that your ignition switch is about to fail, If your ignition crucial “ sticks ” when you try to turn on the auto. Replace it before you get stranded.

7 Keep a bus log

Keep a pad and pencil in the glove cube and use them to record your gas fill- ups and mileage. However, mention it to your warrior, If you notice that your gas avail worsens. It may be an early warning sign that commodity is wrong with your auto. Locked out? Use this trick to unleash your auto in 30 seconds without your keys.

8 Choose a good auto insurer

occasionally, no matter how careful you are, disaster inescapably strikes — generally in the form of an accident. Make sure that your auto will be repaired to the stylish possible standard by chancing an insurer that will pay for corridor from the original manufacturer and guarantee the repairs it authorizes. Also, know these auto- buying tips your auto dealer won’t tell you.

9 Save your auto during long- term storehouse

Still, store it duly to help gratuitous damage and repairs upon your return, If you aren’t going to use your auto for further than a month.

Fill the gas tank to help condensation from accumulating in the gas tank. Add a energy stabilizer and drive the auto around a bit to distribute the cumulative to machine corridor.
Wash and wax the auto completely to cover the finish.
Place a vapor hedge on your garage bottom. A 4- shop polyethylene drop cloth will do.
liberate the parking boscage to help avoid boscage erosion.
Put the auto on jack stands to take the weight of the vehicle off the bus and tires.
Disconnect and remove the battery to keep it from draining. Place the battery on a trickle type bowl. Or periodically drain the battery, using a small light bulb, and also recharge it with a low- volt bowl.
Plug the tailpipe with a rag to help wet-tish air from insinuating into it.

10 Demesne in the shade

Of course, a garage is always the ideal place to situate your auto. But if one isn’t available, minimize interior damage from UV sun and heat by always trying to situate your auto in the shade.

11 Clean the inside

Vacuum and sponger your interior every time you wash your auto. Dirt patches are abrasive, and revealed liquids, similar as soda pop, can be sharp. Vacuum your innards completely with an important vacuum( small cordless models are generally too weak). Use the applicable wand heads when vacuuming. The bare essence wand can mar and scrape shells. sponger vinyl shells clean with a result of mild soap and water.

12 Clean needles precisely

Use a soft damp cloth to smoothly wipe dust from the clear plastic lenses on your dashboard. Too important pressure will scratch them. Too numerous scrapes can make it delicate to read your needles under certain lighting conditions.

13 Blast mats with the sock

When washing your auto, drag out the rubber or carpet bottom mats and blast them with the sock. This will dislodge dirt patches that, if allowed to make up, will grind holes in your mats. Let the mats dry completely in the sun before reinstalling them.

14 For stubborn carpet or mat stains

After vacuuming bottom mats or interior carpeting, apply froth hairpiece cleanser to resistant stains as directed by the maker. Work the froth into a many square bases at a time, using a wet sponger or encounter. Vacuum when dry.

15 Save door and window seals

Wipe a rubber protectant or silicone on door and window weather stripping to keep it in good condition. Don’t use an oilbased product, similar as WD- 40, because the oil painting will damage the rubber. Regular cleaning and treatment of your auto’s weather stripping will also lessen the liability of your door sticking to its rubber seal in cold rainfall, a common cause of damage to the rubber. By the way, this is why there are those black blotches on auto windows.

16 Let bottom mats take downtime’s beating

Use bottom mats to cover the carpeting. The stylish type for controlling swab, slush, and slush in downtime are rubber waffle style mats. They stay in place, don’t allow the water to transude through, and are easy to wash clean. Carpet- style mats are helpful, too. Shake, vacuum, or wash as demanded; replace them as they wear through.

17 Fix bad weather stripping incontinently

still, take a look at it and decide if you can repair it or if it needs to be replaced, If your weather stripping is letting rainwater leak into the innards of your auto. Small leaks can be handled with encounter- on confluence sealers. Resecure loose sections, not else damaged, with neat glue. Torn sections may be repaired with special caulking available at bus corridor stores. You may also be suitable to extend the life of worn- but- complete sections by fitting froth rods, available at automotive stores, into the concave section of the weather stripping. However, don’t simply buy general stuff similar as you ’d use around the house, If you decide to replace entire sections of gasket. Buy a product that matches your auto’s original weather stripping it’s available in a wide variety of biographies from dealerships and automotive correspondence- order registers.

18 Renewable fabric upholstery

Scattering fabric auto seats and carpets with a fabric protectant, similar as Scotchgard, will make them repel dirt and stains, and make them easier to clean. Completely clean the fabrics before using one of these products and also test the product on an invisible place to be sure the treatment won’t discolor the fabric.

19 Use upholstery cleansers on soiled seats

The same upholstery cleansers you use at home can be used on your auto’s upholstery. Use them sparingly, still, to avoid drenching the fabric. Use a clean cloth to wipe down the froth. On velour seats, brush the filaments gently to avoid matting them and to save the original texture of the fabric.

20 Keep leather from drying out and cracking

Leather buses seats are durable and don’t bear a lot of conservation. After a many times, still, the seats can come soiled. Use a leather cleanser to remove dirt and stains. also apply a leather protectant formulated for pigmented or top- coated grain leather( the leather used for utmost leather auto upholstery). Protectants will repel stains and make the upholstery easier to clean in the future. Choose a protectant that includes conditioners to keep your leather soft.

21 Place a kerchief under baby seats

Food and liquids can accumulate under a baby seat, where they can permanently stain the covers. Place a distance of heavy plastic and a spongy kerchief under the seat to help damage, and re-secure the seat according to the manufacturer’s directions. All parents should be following these auto seat tips to keep their child safe.

22 cover auto makeup from the sun

The stylish way to cover the makeup is to situate the auto in a garage. However, demesne in the shade or buy an auto cover, If that isn’t possible. The sun’s ultraviolet shafts break down makeup and beget it to fade. Some auto covers, cover your auto from further than sun, humidity, raspberry feces, and dust — they also have a thin sub caste of softening that will guard against light impact, similar as from a sloped bike or small falling tree branch. By the way, this is how your auto’s makeup color affects your threat of a crash.

23 Touch up hacks sooner rather than latterly

Touch-up makeup won’t cleave well to rust. So be sure to keep some corresponding touch-up makeup on hand so you can touch up any minor hacks, frequently set up around door edges, before rust has a chance to form.

24 Tape recording saves light covers

A cracked taillight or turn-signal cover, if left alone, may allow your light cube to fill with water and beget some real damage. A good short-term fix is to wrap over the crack. Use the red or orange tape recording that’s made for this purpose. You can buy it at numerous automotive corridor stores.

25 Avoid light institution problems

When changing a bad bulb, clean dirty or corroded sockets with fine sword hair or a small line encounter. Wipe the socket clean of debris before installing the new light bulb.

26 Fix small windshield chips

Got a gemstone chip, crack, or ding in your windshield? Bring your auto to a windshield form shop. For far lower cost than replacing the windshield, they can fix chips and cracks, indeed relatively long bones . The repairs not only keep the chips and cracks from spreading and restore structural integrity, they also ameliorate clarity.

27 Fill with washer fluid only

Don’t add water to the windshield washer force. It won’t clean as well as washer fluid, and it may indurate in cold rainfall and damage the system. Don’t try to run your windshield washer system once you suspect there’s no further fluid in the tank, or you may damage the washer fluid pump.

28 Fix the washer fluid tank

Cracked washer-deicer fluid tanks are fairly common once an auto is of a certain age. A good remedy — until you can buy a new tank or find one at the pigsty is to fit a plastic freezer bag into the tank and fill it with the washer fluid.

29 Don’t try to carry too important

Check the weight limit of your roof rack as well. generally the range is from 150 to 200 pounds( 68 to 90 kg). However, consider having it delivered, If you have to deliver a heavy cargo from the home or theater center. It’ll save wear and tear and gash on you as well as your auto.

30 Keep an old mask handy

cover your auto’s roof from scrapes with an old mask before tying timber, bikes, or luggage to your roof rack.

31 Secure loads to avoid dents and scrapes

The morning of the end for the finish on numerous buses and exchanges and for cart and hatchback innards for that matter is an inaptly stowed cargo. Invest in the applicable racks for bikes, weight, and luggage. A good trick to keep altitudinous objects from sliding around in a pick- up truck bed is to use a shower curtain rod( or two) as a brace. Just push the weight against the frontal wall of the truck bed and install the rod behind it. Twist to secure. Cargo nets will also help keep objects from banging around and damaging a truck bed.

32 check wheel-well splash guards

These guards, still flimsy on numerous of moment’s buses , help keep water and downtime’s salty slush from splashing up into the machine cube, where it can damage sensitive electrical factors. Unfortunately, these guards tear off fluently — occasionally without the motorist knowing it. Check for damage to these guards when you wash your auto. Re-secure with the applicable fasteners or replace as demanded. As added protection from splashed-up muck, slush, and debris, install slush flaps( also called splash guards) on your vehicle.

33 Wash in downtime, too

still, you aren’t alone, If you infrequently wash your auto during messy downtime rainfall. The buses you see on the road make it egregious that lots of folks figure, “ Why bother? The auto is going to look awful the coming time I drive it. ” The problem with this thinking is that washing is more important in the downtime than other times of the time. All that beach, slush, and ice mixed with road swab is exactly what makes your auto rust. The fastest erosion occurs when the temperature constantly rises over and also falls below freezing. Especially during the messy months, be sure to wash the undercarriage and hard- to- reach areas that are susceptible to rust, similar as the fenders and inside the wheel wells. However, fill a pail with warm water and attack the job at home, If the temperature outdoors is going to stay above indurating long enough for your auto and driveway to dry. However, pay a visit to your original auto marshland and be sure they dry the auto completely, If not.

34 Wax to cover your auto’s makeup job

There’s what to do to insure the outside in protection

Liquid and spot waxes are tempting to use — they make the auto candescent with lower work than rubbing in paste wax. But there’s still no beating paste wax for the hardest, longest- lasting finish.
Apply a thin, indeed fleece of wax to the auto’s shells with a damp sponger. Avoid applying too much, or it’ll be delicate to remove and some residue will inescapably mar your finish.
To avoid fine scrapes, use a clean, soft cotton or microfiber cloth to remove wax once it has dried.
Apply a redundant fleece of wax to the nose and hood. The wax film in these areas wears down snappily.

35 Give your auto a new skin

New tone-clinging urethane flicks have been developed to cover the most vulnerable painted areas on your auto from gravestone chips and other minor abrasions. You can wash and wax these shells, just as you would the rest of the makeup job. While it’s stylish to have these flicks professionally installed, you can peel them off yourself.

36 Don’t let tools mar your auto’s finish

Invest in a cushion cover, If you plan to service and make repairs to your auto. It drapes over your cushion, furnishing a safe place to rest your tools without causing scrapes. It’ll also help your belt buckle from marring your makeup as you lean into the machine cube to work.

37 Keep the caps on

If the tire stopcock is missing its cap, the malefactor might be a dense stopcock. Those little caps keep out dirt and humidity that can beget leaks, so be sure to keep caps on all your tire faucets. Another tip When you replace tires, remind the tire shop that you anticipate new faucets with the tires.

38 Maintain proper Affectation

Under- inflated tires are a tire salesperson’s stylish friend. They produce inordinate heat and stress that can lead to tire failure.However, get yourself a tire pressure hand and use it at least formerly a month( more in hot rainfall) to keep your tires inflated to the recommendation in the vehicle’s proprietor’s primer, If you want to get every last afar out of your tires. Check tires when they’re cold( driven for lower than one afar) for an accurate reading.

39 Guard the wet thumb

Still, check to see if there’s humidity coming from the air pump, If you top out your tires at a service station. Simply depress the leg inside the inflator stopcock with your thumbnail.However, advise the station director that his tanks need to be drained and go to a different station, If your thumb gets wet. humidity, trapped inside a tire, can beget pressure variations and erode skirtings.

40 Check for uneven wear and tear

Check tires for unevenwear.However, uneven wear and tear may indicate the need for a wheel realignment, If you ’ve maintained tire affectation duly. It can also mean inaptly operating thickets or shocks, a fraudulent wheel, internal tire damage, or worn bushings.

41 Check tread for safety

Utmost countries bear tires to be replaced when they’ve worn down to 1/ 16- inch(1.5 mm) of remaining tire depth. Tires vended in North America are needed to have “ wear bars ” moldered into them to make it easy to see when tire relief is fairly needed. still, if you ’ll be driving in the rain, you should change your tires when there’s 1/ 8- inch( 3 mm) of tread left. else, water may not escape from under your tires presto enough and you risk hydroplaning — a dangerous situation in which your auto loses traction and literally floats on the water. Stick an American quarter between the treads in several places. However, you have enough tread to drive in the rain, If part of Washington’s head is always covered. However, you ’ll need at least 3/ 16- inch( 5 mm) of tread to get acceptable traction, If you drive in snow. Stick an American penny between the treads. However, you ’re ready for downtime driving, If the top of the Lincoln Memorial is always covered.

42 Rotate your tires

Rotating your tires helps to distribute tire wear and tear unevenly and ensures that you ’ll get the maximum road life out of them. The first gyration is especially important. Your proprietor’s primer should specify both gyration period and pattern.However, rotate your tires every 6, 000 to 7, If not.

43 When temperatures affect tire affectation

When outside temperature drops, tires lose pressure. A drop of 10 degrees F( 6 degrees C), in fact, will drop a tire’s air pressure by 1 or 2 pounds. Tires can lose indeed more air in hot rainfall. Under- inflated tires can affect in accelerated wear and tear and poor driving performance.However, check your tire pressure frequently and add air as demanded, If you live in a place where temperatures vary a lot.

44 Buy used tires

still, the last thing you want to do is to buy a new set of tires, If you enjoy an auto that you plan to drive only for another year.However, it’s really time, If it’s time to replace those tires however. Rather than vacillate, buy a set of used tires. Call original tire dealers to see what’s available. You ’ll be surprised by how important wear and tear is left in tires that are turned in by image-conscious auto possessors. Have your tire size handy.

45 Use wheel cleanser

Your auto’s bus are down there on the road, taking the mass of road dirt. Add in the dust that wears off your boscage pads and you ’ve got a formula for stains that are tough to remove when you wash your vehicle. Auto-washing liquid won’t do the job. You need a wheel cleaner specifically formulated to remove similar stains. Be sure to buy the correct expression. Some cleansers are designed for essence bus, and others for painted or clear- coated wheels. The essence wheel cleansers come in colorful phrasings as well, depending upon whether your essence wheel has a satin, aluminum, or chrome finish. cover essence bus with wheel polish, painted bus with a fleece of wax.

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