15 New Kitchen Tips For your daily kitchen activity.

Cooking is an art, but it is very important to be careful and alert while working in the kitchen because a little careless while cooking spoils the whole food, such as excessive salt in food, and burning of vegetables.
In this way, a lot of damage is done. Sometimes even due to a lack of small information, there is a loss of food ingredients, and the time cooking is also wasted.

If you are fond of making such food that becomes tastier in less time, then these kitchen tips can definitely be useful for you. So gather experience by using it yourself while preparing your food in these 15 kitchen tips. This kitchen tip is very important, so read it carefully.

Sticky jaggery syrup Tips

If you apply a little ghee or oil to the pan while making jaggery syrup, then the syrup will not stick to the pan.

cream of milk and whipped Tips

If a spoonful of sugar is added to the cream of milk and whipped, then butter comes out in large quantities.

Soft Gulab Jamun Tips

To make Gulab Jamun very soft and juicy from the inside, add a little banner or channel to Khoya (malware). Gulab Jamun will become very juicy, soft, and tasty.

Spongy Rasgulla Tips

To make regular spongy, while cooking rasgulla in sugar syrup, when the regular starts swelling in sugar syrup, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water in between. Due to this, the sugar syrup will not thicken and the Rasgulla will become more spongy.

Fast Curd-Making Tips

If the curd is not set, then take water on a flat plate and then place the utensil containing curd in it, then see that the curd will be ready in 1 hour. But keep in mind that the utensil should not move, keep it very stable.

Long Life Pickle Tips

To store the mango pickle for a long time, keep it exposed to sunlight and keep the pickle in a dry place when you feel like eating the pickle, separate it with a dry clean spoon. Do not touch the pickle again and again, only then your pickle will last for a long time.
While making a mango pickle, add a little jaggery to it and mix it, it will make the pickle tastiest.

Fresh Coconut Removing Tips

To break the fresh coconut with water easily, first, take out all the water from the coconut piercing it and then put it on the gas burner and roast it for two to three minutes. With this, the hard top part of the coconut will be easily split apart.

Banana Life Tips

Hanging a bunch of bananas will not spoil the banana for 5 to 6 days.
To extract more cream from the milk, after boiling the milk properly, keep it cool down and then keep it in the fridge. Due to this, the cream in the milk will thicken in more quantity.

Refrigerator Mells Reducing Tips

If the fridge smells, then fill a bowl with charcoal and keep it in the fridge. This will make the smell disappear from the fridge.

Green Chilies Life Tips

Green chilies remain fresh for a long time by breaking the stems of green chilies and keeping them in the refrigerator.

Crispy Onion Fry Tips

Add a pinch of sugar while frying onions. With this, the onions will cook quickly and crisply.

Curd Water Tips

After curdling the milk, don’t throw the milk water. Because you can use it again for curdling milk or you can also use it for kneading dough.

Curd Vada Tips

To make curd vada, put a little semolina in the ground urad dal and beat it well. By this, the elders will become softer.