How You Grow garlic at home.

If you are a garlic lover and want to know how to grow garlic cloves at home here is the procedure to grow garlic cloves at home.

Garlic has a unique flavor and many health benefits and most peoples prefer to use garlic in their recipes. But some of them face problems to have fresh garlic all the time. It is not possible to buy little quantity of garlic all the time.

Growing garlic at home or in the home garden is a very easy process.

What is the best Season to plant the garlic

utmost people like to grow garlic in their vegetable gardens in the spring season. Not unexpectedly, most seeds of vegetables and fruits should be in the ground at this time. But the garlic is different. It’s it is recommended to grow in the fall, between September and November.
Although it’s also possible to grow garlic in the spring, the thing is that garlic flowers a little briskly also.

Choosing the perfect garlic clove

We already explained that you only need one piece of clove to grow your own garlic. You do have to search for a good clove. Although you can get by with a small clove, it’s better to choose a clove that’s as large as possible. Logically, if you use big garlic for seeding these also produce larger bulbs of garlic.

To grow your own garlic, you don’t need that much quantity. Just a clove of garlic is enough ( or several, if you want to grow several bulbs), replanting soil, water, and space to plant. You can do this in a vegetable theater, but you can also do it in a large pot on your deck.

Step 1 Choose the right replanting soil to crop garlic

We formerly said you need replanting soil, but you need to make sure your replanting soil is of the right quality.
for growing garlic. Choose a type of soil that allows water to pass well and that isn’t fertilized. This is because if your soil is too wet, perfect garlic will not grow.

Step 2 planting of garlic
Find an open and sunny spot for the garlic to grow.
Enrich the soil with replanting soil, or fill a large flower pot with replanting soil. Make holes in the replanting soil many elevations deep. This is where we will put the cloves latterly. Pour some water over the holes and also fit a clove inside. Cover with soil and pour some further water over it.

Step 3 Completion
It is not necessary to look after the garlic much. Need patience Occasional watering is sufficient.
After many weeks, you can see the first signs of garlic life. If all is well then a green leaf will appear. After this point, you still have to stay a while for it to appear. It takes about six months for garlic to become ready to eat, take them out of the ground, hang them by the stem in an open area, and let them dry. Is your garlic dry? also you can store it latterly as you typically do the storage.